ooo Phosphar provides custom-tailored marketing and promotional services for producers of Pharmaceuticals, APIs and Medical Devices in Russia, CIS and Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). This Moscow based branch was developed following the demand of European and US manufacturers - its clients - to cover the needs for medical and institutional promotion of pharmaceutical specialities. The existing know-how of Phosphar Ltd. is shaped by perennial experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies in Western and Eastern Europe. The registered office is in London, Regent Street.

ooo Phosphar provides a wide range of services in business development of Pharmaceuticals, APIs and Medical Devices, as well as promotion, sales and general management on your behalf. The company is based in Moscow and has direct connection with all Russian regional and federal distributors, as well as pharmacy networks (private, independent, chains). Thank to key strategic partners in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia, it can also provide you the right services in the EEU and in Azerbaijan, too.

Scalability is Phosphar's key driver: either you will decide to enter any of the above mentioned markets, you will count on a Western mind-set management, and a few, highly selected trustworthy partners.